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April 22, 2012
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Why I smile by CloneOps553 Why I smile by CloneOps553
When I was little I never understood why some would give all they had got to help another person. I never understood why some would kill, and why we are equal even though society does not portray us as such.

Some people gave so much to cure my asthma. I still would not understand. That is how I got into medical education.

But looking out into the world and seeing violence, ignorance, inequalities and suffering. What is the value of a life?

I made a decision.

No matter where I go, I will always smile. Because I know that doing what I do will give somebody freedom and peace. Not only my country, but all countries out there. It does not matter where you go or who you meet, they are humans and will always be. A life is worth protecting.

It is only a shame that in order to do so, we must prepare for war.

The Swedish military is active in Afghanistan and several other countries, keeping infrastructure protected, doing mine sweeping, disposing old weapons left by the Soviet, educating the Afghan police and keeping the Taliban out of the villages.
Caring for the values of a human.